Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ranbir event runs into rough weather in Lucknow

Ranbir Kapoor, the heartthrob of millions, had a tough time in Lucknow Friday after he abruptly walked out of an event to promote his latest film 'Rockstar'.
The organizers chased him down to the Lucknow airport, where he was detained by them for nearly two hours before he could finally leave the city.

It was film director Imtiaz Ali who managed to pacify the organisers, the public as well as the media, with whom a press conference was abandoned.

The organizers blamed Ranbir for not honouring a Rs.10 lakh contract for performing at the Phoenix Mall here.

He was also scheduled to address a press conference, but director Imtiaz Ali said: 'We had neither signed any contract nor taken money; how could we charge when we were on a promotional trip for the movie?'

Even the mall administration blamed the local event management company for the fiasco.

'The event managers misinformed everyone, including us, that they had entered into a formal contract for a show by Ranbir and his female lead Nargis Sakhri and that it would be followed by a media interaction,' said Phoenix Mall manager Anuj Shukla.

Ranbir finally left Lucknow around 8 p.m. for New Delhi, from where he was scheduled to move on to Chandigarh for an event there on Saturday. Earlier in the day, he went around parts of old Lucknow and feasted on the city's famous Tunday kababs and Net Ram's 'rabri' in the busy Aminabad market.


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