Saturday, April 7, 2012

Amanda Bynes - Amanda Bynes Arrested For Suspected Dui

Former child star Amanda Bynes was arrested early Friday morning in West Hollywood after her car collided with a sheriff's vehicle. TMZ reports that the former Nickelodeon star was arrested following an incident in which she was trying to pass a police car, only to clip said squad car and be taken in moments after. Police immediately determined the star to be under the influence when she was booked at 3am, with reports stating that the former actress may still be behind bars.

Bynes, whose bail has been set to $5000, has been no stranger to the party scene as of late, being spotted in a number of nightclubs throughout the city over the past few weeks. An incident occurred on St. Patricks in which eyewitnesses described Bynes driving away from the hip nightclub Greystone Manor looking 'extremely' intoxicated. Police also stopped her in early March for talking on her mobile phone, only for her to bolt from the officer who was writing her ticket. She later handed herself over to police and faced no other charges.
The former star of Nickelodeon shows such as 'The Amanda Show' and 'What I Like About You' announced in June 2010 that she would be retiring from acting, stating she no longer loves it, however she has since stated that she is merely taking a break.


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