Saturday, April 14, 2012

Amanda Bynes - Dui Does Little To Dampen The Spirits Of Amanda Bynes

Despite recently receiving a DUI and spending a night in jail for hitting a police car whilst driving under the influence, Amanda Bynes looks unlikely to stop her partying ways with video evidence of Bynes stumbling out of a Los Angeles nightclub emerging on TMZ.

Despite claims from her father that she scored a zero on the breathalyzer test and that his daughter does not drink, the video seems to prove him very wrong indeed as she is escorted out of Greystone Manor in West Hollywood by two of her friends. Fortunately she chose to get a taxi back home rather than drive this time.

This comes alongside further driving follies from Miss Bynes, who was photographed driving in her car and texting at the same time. The star has very clearly not learned her lesson yet as TMZ have also published pictures where Bynes' eyes are very much glued to the screen of her white iPhone rather than the road. Apparently she was so intent on finishing her text off that she eventually backed over a pavement with her car and according to the photographer who spotted the event, she even went through a stop sign while her phone was still firmly in her hand. Texting whilst driving is illegal in the state of California and has been since 2009.


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