Monday, April 9, 2012

Glee Gets Gomez On Upcoming Episode!

From Gotye to Christina and now Selena Gomez!
Glee is holding nothing back when they return from hiatus on Tuesday night and we are LOVING them even more for it!!

In an upcoming episode, the kids of McKinley High will be taking on Selena’s hit, Love You Like A Love Song!
But which McKinley High student in particular? Rachel Lea Michele, of course!

We think it’s safe to assume the song will be in the show’s prom episode, which was shot last week, after Lea tweeted saying:
"Longest. Prom. Ever."
Reportedly, Lea gave a "really powerful performance" of Selena's song…but would you really ever think otherwise?!
We are SO excited to see Lea's rendition of what we hope will be a Finchel serenade!!!!
What artist would U love for Glee to cover???


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