Friday, April 6, 2012

Is Miley Cyrus Moving to Nashville?

Could Los Angeles be missing some Southern twang soon?

Miley Cyrus tweeted earlier today that she's "highly considering moving back to Nashville."

Sure, it's home to the country singer, and Miley wouldn't have to worry about missing any memos about wearing stilettos, but what does Nashville really have that Los Angeles doesn't?!

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It's more like what it doesn't have.

"Highly considering moving back to Nashville. I can't stand these D Bag paparazzi anymore. Couldn't even take my dog on a walk today," Cyrus tweeted.

Oh right, privacy.
And Miley's not alone. Matthew McConaughey recently rounded up his kids and bride-to-be Camila Alves and left L.A. to go back to his old Texas stomping grounds.

Do you think Miley would really head to Tennessee? And what about Liam? Let us know in the comments below!


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