Monday, July 16, 2012

Kate Major: Pregnant with Michael Lohan's Child! - Gossip Guru

Kate Major is reportedly pregnant with Michael Lohan's baby, and all we have to say it:

Ummm.... congratulations?

The very-much-on/even-more-off couple has not officially been an item in months.

In fact, Major called the police on Lohan as recently as April, claiming he showed up at her place of work and refused to leave. Michael, however, asserted at the time that the twosome were actually shacking up... despite Kate actually having a restraining order against her supposed boyfriend.

The pregnancy, first reported by TMZ, appears to back up Michael's account.

A rep for the couple confirms Major is expecting, and an insider says she's in her first trimester. Yes, this means the baby was actually conceived when his/her father was legally barred from having contact with his/her mother. That's just hilarious.

Incredibly, impending aunt Lindsay Lohan may be the most stable relative this poor child ends up with.


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