Thursday, January 24, 2013

Kristen Stewart Is ‘Needy & Jealous’ With Robert Pattinson - Gossip Guru

Rob is 8,000 miles away shooting ‘The Rover’ in Australia and a new report claims that Kristen is worried that the long distance will kill their relationship.

Kristen Stewart will do anything to save her relationship with Robert Pattinson. Life & Style claims that Kristen has decided to fly down to Australia to keep Rob company while he’s shooting his new movie.

Why Kristen Is So Worried About Her Relationship With Rob
A source tells the magazine that Kristen is so incredibly worried that Rob will hook up with another girl while he’s in Australia.

“She can’t stand the thought of some woman getting her claws into him,” a friend says. The source also added: “He’ll be gone a long time, and Kristen is upset. She’s worried they won’t be able to make their relationship work with the distance.”

Has Rob Ever Hooked Up With Another Girl While Dating Kristen?
Although Rob has never technically cheated, he has gotten together with girls while on breaks with Kristen.

Rob reportedly hooked up with his Remember Me co-star, Emilie de Ravin in 2010 and he’s said to have had a good time with other girls too. But all of this is pushing Rob away: “Rob wants her to stop being so needy and jealous. She’s pushing him away more and more.”

We told you that Rob is shooting The Rover, an apocalyptic film about him helping his co-star Guy Pearce search for his missing car.

— Chloe Melas


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