Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Selena Gomez V. Taylor Swift: Revenge Beauty Looks - Gossip Guru

Both starlets were out for the Golden Globe awards looking absolutely radiant! Could it be that looking glam is the best medicine to heal a breakup? Sound off on who looked better!

Selena Gomez, 20, and Taylor Swift, 22, may look totally different, but the two share something major in common: Both are reeling from recent breakups. Taylor and Harry Styles ended their whirlwind romance, while Selena and Justin Bieber called it quits after years of dating.

Selena Gomez & Taylor Swift’s Golden Globes glamour

Both beauties could be hiding out at home buried under their covers (let’s face it, a breakup would certainly induce such behavior) but no! Selena and Taylor strutted their stuff Golden Globes night January 13, 2013 looking more beautiful than ever! Selena went with long flowing locks and a dewy glow with lots of lashes. Taylor rocked sophisticated glamour with a retro roll and glossy lips. They looked so off the charts, you would never know that these girls were suffering from a broken heart! A new year can only mean one thing: new men! Who’ll be next in line? While we must admit, Bieber and Harry are pretty hard to replace, these starlets are sure to find hottie replacements in no time!

Sometimes a new look can be just what you need to get re-energized and start dating again. Taylor’s look was such a departure from her usual blunt bangs and beachy waves. Maybe she is going for a more grownup image. Selena’s look was big on sex appeal, low on effort. Her breezy waves are easy to recreate with a larger barrel curling iron. A luminizing face primer is just the trick to copy Selena’s dewy glow.

– Jennifer Tzeses


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