Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Harry Styles Says "I'm Good" After Split From Taylor Swift

Opening in January about her separation from Taylor Swift, Harry Styles told Capital FM in London on Sunday (February 17) that he is "good".

In the transmission of his band, One Direction promote new single "One Way or Another," said the singer of 19 years, he is not disturbed by questions about his personal life.

"I understand why people want to know this stuff, I understand. When someone does this sort of thing, so I want to know also," he said.

When excavation is that your ex in Grammy Awards, where Ms. Swift sang, "We never back together," Take the High Road came, Styles said: "This is a great artist, and she always did a lot," and added, : "always good on the stage, she has long ... it was just another good Taylor Swift performance.".


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