Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Kendra Wilkinson says "Everyone Should Spouse Swap"!

Celebrity Wife Swap returns to ABC tonight with Kendra Wilkinson changing places with Kate Gosselin and watch over that famous mother's eight children for a day.

"I'm obsessed with social experiences," Kendra said to THG in an exclusive interview this week. "This should be a part of life. Everybody should do it."


Wait ... what? Why? Why should ordinary people share life together?

"They will really open your eyes to the differences," said Wilkinson. "Sleeps To find out where someone works, eats, you'll have a better idea of ​​the world have it. Cleaned It is a soul."

But this is not a permanent position. Kendra does not grow more than seven children, although she said she hopes to get at least one more.

His counterpart series, though?

"Kate has become a science. It is a Sergeant with these kids that."

Kendra joked that it "bribed" byte often to love it -. And it contradicts someone who judges the lives of Gosselin

"It works for them," she says. "They're all happy. Many people can judge from the outside, but as long as you see a smile on someone's face, it's all that account."


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