Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Robert Pattinson enjoying with other girls while Kristen Stewart is still waiting for him!

Robert Pattinson had fun and met his fans in Australia, while Kristen Stewart kept a brave face on the 85th Academy Awards Annual Meeting all alone. Do you think it is missing?

A new pic of Robert Pattinson poses with a fan originated in Australia. This is not really a rare sight, but the timing is troubling because on the same day, 24th February, Kristen Stewart was injured on the red carpet at the Oscars on crutches after his foot - alone. A source tells day2daygossip.blogspot.com that Kristen was angry because she had been expecting a call from Rob but it never came.
On Feb. 25, a fan named Louise Lynch posted a photo on Instagram with Rob, 26. “Just a casual Monday sesh. #robertpattinson #lovedmyhair #mademeblush #tookhisorder #gavehimgarlicbread #wetight #bff #XXXX #luckygirl #luckyguy #sadhisgone #hadconnection #mustbelove #hastag #somuchtosay #robo #pattsy #therover,” she posted.
Rob seems to be running all the fans in Australia, as he does. Films The Rover, and being a good guy, he is happy to pose for photos

Obstructed the red carpet and Kristen on stage during the presentation of the award for best production design with Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe.
In addition, Daniel said to E! News that he felt terrible!
"I felt so bad. I just wanted to pick her up, put her in my arms and carry on the stage," says Daniel. "I probably his past and opens the wound," he laughs.
As we have said, on 25 February, "Kristen Stewart was very depressed at the Oscars," a source tells us exclusively. "She thought Rob would at least call and congratulate her, but he did not. She held her phone in the vicinity, and they checked for texts, but they never came."
Our source added: "It was just a bad weekend, between the injury and loneliness she felt stupid tears and overnight Kristen was in tears at the Oscars, because Rob .. not call it." Bad K-Stew!
Do you think Rob and Kristen will meet again?


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