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Robert Pattinson — Stop Torturing Kristen Stewart With A Trial Separation - Gossip Guru

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart has done everything possible to prove her love and loyalty since her Rupert Sanders affair. If you really are OVER her then be honest with her and break up, even if it’s hard!

Robert Pattinson, before you left to go to Australia, you told Kristen Stewart that you wanted a trial separation so you could assess your relationship, multiple sources told

You’re in Australia filming the Rover for two months and you basically want to put your relationship with Kristen on hold while you’re away and you don’t want Kristen to visit.

Apparently you’ve never recovered from the betrayal of Kristen’s affair with Rupert Sanders. ”Rob’s been shaky ever since the cheating scandal,” a source told

That’s understandable. Rob, you were madly in love with Kristen and deeply involved with her for several years and you had no idea that she was secretly seeing Rupert Sanders.

You were shocked when the photos of Kristen appeared on the cover of US Weekly.

How Kristen Stewart Has Been Trying To Get Rob Back
On the other hand, Kristen did everything possible to try and win you back. She worked hard to convince you that she was genuinely sorry, that she had made a terrible mistake and that she loved you.

She issued a public apology and went on an all-out campaign to get back together with you, including wearing the personally-inscribed $40,000 gold locket that you gave her… everywhere.

Now she is “bummed” and was “blindsided” by your decision to turn your Australian filmmaking into a trial separation. But she is “determined to make it [your relationship] work no matter what it takes,” another source close to the situation told

Nevertheless, as determined as she is to make it work, she’s missing you terribly, especially since you’ve been “barely picking up” Kristen’s calls and hardly “responding to her messages,” says a source.

She wants to visit you but her handlers have convinced her to hold off, so instead she’s written you an emotional love letter.

Rob — Kristen is pining for you. She knows she’s responsible for messing up what was once a close and loving relationship. She knows she has no one to blame but herself.

You have always been a devoted boyfriend who has never flirted with or as much as ever really looked at another woman since you’ve been involved with Kristen.

Is Rob Being Fair By Stringing K-Stew Along?
But the problem is that Kristen is seriously holding out hope that “everything between her and Rob will work out for the best,” says a source close to her. And she is giving you “space.”

Rob, we hear that Kristen was actually ready for marriage before you surprised her with the trial separation.

Now I can certainly understand how you wouldn’t be ready to make that commitment to her after she cheated but I really think that if you’re sure you will break up with Kristen after your two-month separation, then you should do it NOW.

In other words, if you are just using the filming of Rover as an excuse to put off an emotional breakup for two months, then that’s just not fair or honest.

It may be terribly difficult to break up with Kristen for many reasons, including not wanting to hurt her, but keeping her hanging on isn’t fair either.

Keeping Kristen in a holding pattern for two months when you have no intention of carrying on your romance would be torture for her.

So Rob — if you know for a certainty that you are over your K-Stew romance, as heartbreaking as it is, you must tell her!

Find a way of course to tell her in person, but don’t make her wait holding out hope, for two months.

Robert — You Have To Make Up Your Mind Sooner Or Later
On the other hand, if you genuinely are uncertain and undecided then take your time. But you should probably relent soon and let her visit so both of you can see how you feel!

Rob — you’re a great guy and I know you wouldn’t want to hurt Kristen intentionally.

You probably don’t realize what a tough time Kristen is going through right now, but think about it. If Robsten is over for you, it’s better to break the painful news to Kristen — sooner than later!

– Bonnie Fuller


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