Monday, February 18, 2013

With Whom Shall Kristen Stewart Date Next?

--> The romance between Kristen and Rob is so unpredictable at this time, since their separation test! If Rob can not exceed fraud scandal Kristen, she needs a fresh start with a new person.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are a cute couple, but given his current trial separation, it seems that the relationship is on the verge of completely new. It is time to consider the following sessions Kristen!

Of course there are many Robsten fans who just want to work only those things and stay together for a long time. But Twilight is finished, and unfortunately, perhaps, the end of Rob, 26, and Kristen, 22, as a couple. They had a good run - 4 years is a long time for any relationship, let alone Hollywood. It is clear that they loved and probably still.

But Rob is currently in Australia filming the rover and is planning to end his relationship with Kristen on the back. According to our sources, I can not overcome Kristen fraud scandal. (She was deceived with director Rupert Sanders Rob in July 2012.)

Can you blame the guy? It was no secret between the two was able to forgive and forget. The world learned of the fraud scandal Kristen and unfortunately still continues. I think Kristen should go ahead with a new man, which can begin as soon as possible.


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