Monday, March 4, 2013

Kate Upton: My Favorite Body Part Is...

Kate Upton rules. It is as blunt as it is beautiful.

The exercise is not funny. The food is excellent. Other models can sometimes mischievous. Modeling is a great job if you can get it, but still a challenge when it's 30 below.

You can count on is an honest assessment of things Kate the point. So what she said, as in a recent interview, asked that her favorite body part?

"I think it is ... my eyes," she said. "If I turn to change I-expression all the time. It's as if ..." [Starts around the eyes laughs] "It's like Tourette's!"

Lies. Modest and endearingly delivered ones, but lies.

Kate Upton has some beautiful eyes (they are blue / green, I think), but that's probably not the function of most guys will partner with 20 years.


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