Thursday, March 14, 2013

Kristen Stewart Vs Jennifer Lawrence: Who is Most Stylish Actress?

With great designers behind each eye stunning red carpet, make these young stars still to steal the spotlight! Now that the list of the most influential designers of Hollywood was published,whom you think is the best stylist in the business?

Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence have much in common. Of course, the big two girls star power, but the comparisons do not have enough! Not only are two of our most popular women's fashion on the red carpet, but both also have important relationships with brands, with Kstew on the face of Balenciaga perfume Florabotanica while Jennifer is the new face of Miss Dior. In addition, they also have two of the most talented designers of the company by improving their red carpet looks - but who do you think has better style?
Jennifer Lawrence Works With Rachel Zoe:
Back in November 2012, Jennifer asked the infamous Rachel Zoe for her tour PlayBook Silver Coatings promotion. It is not only a household name thanks to his reality show on Bravo, and his personal brand (which seems more and more!), But it is also responsible for the red carpet beautiful Kate Hudson, Eva Mendes, Jennifer Garner and Anne Hathaway sees show when they come out.

One can not deny the fact that Silver Linings Playbook was star of 22 years the darling of the awards season, and Rachel was behind all interesting possibilities on the red carpet - including Dior Couture dress she wore beautiful Oscar! "All the girls on the planet wearing a dress dreams like this once in a lifetime," says stylist to The Hollywood Reporter.

Rachel is the third magazine's annual list of the '25 most influential stylists of Hollywood "- and she won third place Given its influence in the industry, we can not say we're surprised that they received the coveted ranking - it's also deserves!
Kristen Stewart Tara Swennen Compatible with:
Tara Swennen, Kstew longtime stylist, landed on the list - and we're not surprised! The star of 22 years of the Twilight franchise like to dress down, but with the help of Tara, she kissed nervous, haute couture styles have definitely raised her profile red carpet. Look style Kristen efforts to develop while she was growing up in the limelight is a testament to the skills Tara. The designer is in the number 23 spot.

Besides working with Kristen, Tara also dresses Julie Bowen, Connie Britton, Kaley Cuoco.

Which celebrity has a better style?
No matter where stylists has landed on the list, an incredible honor to be placed in a coveted - and their hard work behind the scenes has paid off! Jennifer and Kristen looks really their owners, it is hard to pick a favorite to make the Red Carpet!


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