Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lindsay Lohan Ordered to stay in rehab for 90 days!

Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan has agreed to spend 90 days in rehab as part of a plea agreement to resolve criminal charges against her.

The 26-year-old who dressed 45 minutes late for their scheduled hearing on an LA courthouse in a white and pink all came, did not contest to two misdemeanor charges related to a traffic accident the last summer and prevent officers were investigating accidents, told us the magazine.

The charges stemmed from a car accident 18th June 2012 in which Lohan Porsche rear ended a truck while she was sitting on the road "Liz & Dick. At the time of the accident, the actress says his assistant, Gavin Doyle, was driving.
The judge told Lohan to 90 days in rehab 30 days of community service and 18 months of psychological treatment will be condemned.

The actress will also pay $ 240 restitution fine and $ 30 criminal conviction assessment fee, in addition to paying restitution to the victim, this amount is second with his next court date on can be determined.

Six years legal issues was two drunk driving arrest in 2007 and other incidents in which she was behind the wheel.

She spent 250 days in five rehabilitation facilities since January 2007, including a long passage ordered by the court after a failed drug test.

The actress. To court at least 20 times, four LA judge who now appeared to him in violation of probation and sentenced her to six times found a total of nine months in jail

Lohan spent about two weeks behind bars in six trips to the county jail in Los Angeles, served 35 days under house arrest and has worked about 67 days of community service at the morgue of the county.


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