Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Selena Gomez enjoys making Justin Bieber Cry!!

Selena visited "The Late Show" with David Letterman 18th March, where she put on his relationship status and the fact that they both made Justin cry!!
While in the middle of her promotional tour for Spring Breakers Selena Gomez paid a visit to CBS 'The Late Show 18th March, an interview with comedian David Letterman. Apparently  Selena does not speak about ex-boyfriend Justin on the table, such as Dave and Selena they found something in common when it comes to the young singer: Both made him cry

Selena Gomez Made Justin Bieber Cry, Laughs With David Letterman
During the interview, Dave picked up the last time he had Justin, 19, said on the question: "The last time he was there, and I got into a conversation and m 'said something, so I said something, then said he something and I said something, and I made him cry. "(Dave was of course, based on the June 21, 2012 interview with Justin, where he teased the Biebs on his latest tattoo. During the meeting Justin goofed regarding the Sistine Chapel Chapel sixteenth that mercilessly mocks Dave.)

As public and Selena, 20, laughed and said the former Disney Princess: "Well, that makes two of us."

His comment, of course, won more laughter from the audience, and Dave, who offered a fist bump Selena and said, "Wow, that's very good Strong Enough."

During the interview, Dave also asked if Selena had started from boys but to which she replied: He asked for confirmation that they are not with Justin said it. more to him, "Not yet, no.": "No, I'm single, I'm so good. " Dave replied, "Yes, I think you're okay."

Selena Gomez sexy "Late Show" Outfit
Selena was beautiful when she arrived at the studio in New York, Dave, wore a black sequined Emilio Pucci mini dress with pumps 'Nico' black satin Brian Atwood. Outside the studio, she covered with an open, Dolce & Gabbana black coat.

Selena takes in Lakers game
The evening Selena was still in Los Angeles, where she attended a Lakers game with his agent, looking beautiful and smiling sitting sidelines in a checked shirt and skinny black jeans. Although it was difficult, did his best to get Selena Justin. We wish them both the best!


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