Thursday, March 7, 2013

There Are Many Good Movie Moments Coming Up In 2013 To Look Forward To

People normally start their new year predicting what is in store for them in the area of love as well as finances. However, numerous individuals quite simply have no interest in that side of life and honestly mainly worry about how much enjoyment they will get throughout the year. No matter which one of the above categories you fit into there are many good movie moments coming up in 2013 that will serve to entertain you.

Cinema goers are sure to find every possible genre of movies available jam packed for this year. Some even have a combination of sci-fi; action; fantasy and thrilling action all incorporated into a single 60-90 minutes of pure entertainment. Those who prefer the more dramatic or true to life type of films will also most certainly not be disappointed either.

Renewed versions of some well known characters are found in "Man of Steel" which is once again based on the model comic book hero, Superman. Another remake is "The Lone Ranger", which stars Johnny Depp as Tonto in this quirky Cowboy and Indians tale. We also get to glimpse the captivating world of famed businessman, Tony Stark, in the new Iron Man 3.

For those who prefer the more dramatic side of things; Twelve Years a Slave; Captain Phillips and Sinatra are also on the cards. Of course what would a cinema year be without adding a few quirky and always fully entertaining animations? Despicable Me2 as well as the much loved duo from Monsters Inc are all back to give us some top class child friendly movies.

Additionally there is definitely not going to be any complaints about not seeing Brad Pitt, as this year, he can be found starring in three top films. Firstly, World of Z, which deals with the all popular Zombies; The Counselor where law and drugs meet once again and finally a movie that deals with the hard issues of forced slavery, set in the mid-1800s.

For any one who rather makes their selection according to who the director is, it will prove to be a fun year with the top names offering up more than one movie. Honestly, the 2014 Oscars are definitely going to keep every one guessing once again. It will be extremely hard to predict who will take top honors with so many offering exceptional films.

Most of the mentioned films seem to have scattered release dates for the year. But with this amount of top movies and actors lined up to entertain, one can honestly agree that there are many good movie moments coming up in 2013. So it would be best to get the popcorn ready and head to your nearest cinema.


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