Friday, May 17, 2013

Emma Watson: bare back and almost topless in Cannes

Actress Emma Watson has walked just a few hours ago on the red carpet at the Cannes film festival, France. The British actress is the star of Sofia Coppola's film The bling ring and not to deface the character has almost shown topless! None other than Hermione.

Emma plays a party girl (the film is based on a true story) who steals into the homes of VIPs during the most popular private parties, but eventually falls into the cycle of abuse and is arrested. Strong stuff that has nothing to do with Harry Potter, but that resembles we are infinite.
For her on the red carpet a pink dress with black pallidissimo and dizzying neckline. Sitting in the room she risked to strizzatissimi breasts in corsage who kept on the dress completely open on your back. The film, we anticipate, will be beautiful ...

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