Thursday, May 9, 2013

Is Justin and Selena Broke up?

Now are they together or not? After cuddly image that Justin Bieber, 19 years old, and has on-off flame Selena Gomez, 20 years old, publish, anything is possible. Only shortly before the singer gave an unusually explicit interview in the U.S. magazine "InStyle" listening, how they still rely on ex ...

Also talked about her new album, which is also the song "Love will remember" is - a song about their separation. "It's the most personal song on the album. And I am sure he (Justin), likes also it, "said Gomez.

The relationship between the two is not always easy, it is not surprising, given the fact that they were persecuted at every turn. "It's bad that it does not matter where I go, and knows all about it, and I do not like it, but Justin and I never applied interest. You can not decide, what you want. "

Gomez is also certainly aware that many things have gone wrong, because the two amazing young: "I'm still a child, a separation is normal and should bear the emotions .."

It is now known to be rosy again relationship. After the last time Bieber seems to be happy again, because the friend knows. "Justin struggled to Selena, and she gave" well then!



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