Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Paris Hilton - scenes of life

The stalker Nathan Lee Parada (l.) and James Rainford left Paris to rethink the price of Fame. She missed hardly a party and took almost every opportunity to the self-promotion was. Not for nothing, she worked out the "title" it-girl.
In the last one or two years it has become a quiet to Paris Hilton. She has been approached already 2011 on their "falling star" in a TV interview (reported by Viply). At that time, she was still offended. Now, the hotel heiress said intentionally to avoid the spotlight.
For the first time said the blonde on the night of her Stalker Nathan Lee Parada armed stood in front of the House and had them in their sights. The incident had completely changed her life in August 2010:

"That was scary. I had to something never before experienced. I was badly shaken. About five o'clock in the morning, I heard beat someone against the window. I went down and saw this crazy guys with two large kitchen knives in the hands. He looked as if he wanted to kill me. He suggested further against the window and demanded that I just let him. I screamed. I was sure that he would kill me if he gets into the House."

Paris' boyfriend, nightclub Manager CY waits, overwhelmed the stalker with a gun and held in until the police arrived.
"Someone with so much hatred in his eyes to see - someone who wants to - kill you makes you put things into question and rethink the price of Fame." After the attack I decided to retreat from the public eye, before worse could happen", as Paris.

"Many people see only the glamorous part of the entertainment industry. It is however important to know that not everything is beautiful. Clearly, this life is public, but the attack of a stalker goes too far."
As Paris went to a hearing, in the case of "Nathan Lee Parada" was discussed, it was surprised by a second stalker on the road. James Rainford CY hitting the back of the head. Previously he harassed Paris on their Malibu property (reported by Viply).
"I was afraid to leave my house. I was paranoid and thought the whole time that I pursued. I got to the point where I got nothing more on the series in everyday life. I had installed the most advanced security system in my house and hired a security team around the clock. I stopped in clubs and at parties to go and began instead to concentrate on my business."
"It would have been easy, sit back me and to keep me from my family, but I wanted to be independent and make my family proud."
"I go now into the hotel business. It feels like the natural next step. My grandfather has been always inspired me - how he started with nothing and created an empire. I adore him."
"The people never learned about the real Paris Hilton. You remember the Paris, who stumbles from nightclubs and herumalbert in a reality show around. But that was only a character I played.
"You should see me in a business meeting. I'm not the dumb blonde, you can pushed. I am a tough businesswoman."


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