Friday, May 3, 2013

The 5 Male Celebrities Whose Fashion Makes Our Mouths Water

From modern to old school Hollywood hero, male celebrities have the ability to capture our attention-
-and our hearts--with their unique style choices. Read on for the top five male celebs whose fashion
makes our mouths water.

The Silver Fox
George Clooney's sly grin, dimpled cheeks, and chiseled charms are undeniable, but his elegant
wardrobe makes him the ultimate silver fox. The embodiment of "Old Hollywood" style, Clooney
works and plays as well in a sleek, black designer suit at an awards show as he does in flat-front chinos
and one of his stylish tees during a pickup basketball game. The key to Clooney's casual charm? Never
taking himself too seriously.

Sporty Spice

We've all seen Becks stripped down to his skivvies, but he delivers a cardiovascular workout to fans
even while fully clothed. The ultimate god of athletic style, Beckham is a self-proclaimed fashion
devotee and fearless risk-taker who surprises style watchers by following his bliss regardless of rules or
expectations. Whether he's sporting the Mohawk rocker look or wearing a sarong borrowed from wife,
Victoria, his look is consistently fashion forward.

We Digg It

A television, film, and theater actor, Taye Diggs shows off a wardrobe that is as versatile as his career.
While he first caught our attention as a shirtless suitor in How Stella Got Her Groove Back, he has
kept it through savvy style choices, including a constantly evolving display of eye-catching eyeglasses,
fedoras, button down shirts and fitted vests. Taye's ultimate accessory, however, just may be his well-
heeled wife, Broadway triple-threat Idina Menzel.

Swashbuckling Sophisticate

Johnny Depp is as much a real-life fashion renegade as he is on screen. This sophisticated
swashbuckler may be eccentric, but he is never boring. His look is wholly his own, incorporating
basic elements like denim, leather, and Bellfield mens tees with funkier pieces like bracelets, fedoras
and scarves. Honed by his time as an ex-pat in France, Depp's style aesthetic expresses his artistic,
bohemian spirit.

Model Citizen

Channing Tatum could wear a blanket, and we'd still be delighted to see him. But thanks to the
influence of a creative older sister, he has embraced fashion since his childhood. Tatum further honed
his fashion flare as a model for Dolce & Gabbana and Abercrombie & Fitch. Everyday favorites now
include Diesel, Topshop and LNA, while Armani and Gucci are Tatum's go-to events staples. Like the
rest of the style royalty on this list, Tatum recognizes that comfort is king, and will only choose clothes that feel as good as they look.


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