Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Alison Lohman: the protagonist of "White Oleander"

Alison is one of those actresses who is part of the category that I would call "dormant": she, like some of his colleagues, decided to live the dream of Hollywood turning only a few films ... but good.
Far from the gossip, is not making "news" and think, who in 2009 gave birth to her first baby without anyone knowing it.
From a normal family, Alison, born in ' 79, since tiny has indicated a desire to play and, at the age of nine, he made his first debut on stage thanks to the musical "the sound of music".

Was so good in acting, which in 11 years he earned a prestigious award as Best Actress in a musical.
To 17 years had already starred in 12 productions. To participate in so many musicals, meant only one thing: in addition to being a good actress, Alison is also a talented singer. Not long before that great artists of international music, chose as a vocalist: Alison at that point was already an all-round artsita. During his career, "musical" the Lohman also has "backed" big as Frank Sinatra.
In 2002 comes his first important role, that of the young Astrid, daughter of perfidious Michelle Pfeiffer in "White Oleander": this was the film that launched definitively among the Hollywood stars. From then on it was a succession of interesting scripts such as Matchstick Men and False Truth, a beautiful thriller starring two enigmatic as Kevin Bacon and Colin Firth.
In 2008 the horror master Sam Raimi wants in his "Drag Me To Hell", where Alisson read side by side promise Justin Long, who, in 2001, had already shot another successful horror film Jeepers Creepers.
The last film starring Alison was Gamer, where she starred alongside Gerard Butler. From that year did not know more news "films" by Alison: it seems that after the maternity leave has decided to make a full-time mother.
Thanks to its fresh-faced and youthful, Alison starred in roles of girls much younger than you think in Flicka, her character had 11 in less than she in reality. Same thing happened to the movie Matchstick Men: Ridley Scott and Alison was looking for a 14-year-old showed up to auditions revealing only the end casting to have 24 years.
In the movie White Oleander, was forced to wear a wig because in his previous film, Dragonfly, to script, he cut the head to zero.


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