Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Justin Bieber pulls the plug: I'm resting

It has really combined all colors. Among alleged canes, monkeys, tattoos, flirt, goodbyes, delays on stage, traffic accidents, party tunes, threats of complaint to friends talkative and thrashing the paparazzi, the last 12 months of Justin Bieber were a concentrate of gossip.

Much to ' force ' the young singer has a rich break. A holiday needed to unplug and go carburetor, after a back-breaking tour that has taken him around the world. Via Twitter, almost wanted to respond to so many that by the time to be a calmed down, the former by Selena Gomez has announced the good news

"I am enjoying a rest that I needed. I just wanted to come here to tell you that I appreciate and love you all "

The 15th tattoo, shouted to the four winds a few days ago, Bieber has so given ' breath ' to the poor neighbors, exhausted from his holidays from one thousand and one nights, having repeatedly called the Fire Department on site, in the hope that they could do something. Unless the official rest period, according to the ' Bieber ' thought, does not rhyme with after party by 24 hours on 24.


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