Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Who Is Going To Be The Hottest Celebrity Couple Of 2013

Up High, On Fire

Following a year at the top for both, it's no surprise that Cupid's Pulse is naming Blambert (Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert) 2013's Hottest Celebrity Couple.

Country singer Blake Shelton, who shot to the peak of his career in recent years by doubling as an ever-winning judge on NBC's The Voice, says that his "best dates" happen at home in the Oklahoma house he shares with wife Miranda Lambert, also a top-selling country music artist.

Connection... With Nature

From a emotional point of view, it was Lambert who broke down in the middle of a live tour performance of her song "The House That Built Me" in the week following Shelton's father's passing earlier this year. To spice things up, the couple also openly admits that they prefer to have sex in random spots like Shelton's pick-up truck and deep in the woods, where they hope wild animals can spot them. They write their own music, they play instruments, they are the "couple next door", they're down to earth (literally, Shelton proposed to Lambert in the woods-- probably before they got down and dirty) and they're in love with each other. They also sound amazing on duets, which is a total bonus and reminiscent of the perfect countryness that is also Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.

America's Sweethearts

A couple of months back, Shelton and Miranda stole America's hearts with a heart-wrenching performance of "Over You" on The Voice as part of the initiation for a benefit for the victims of the Oklahoma tornadoes. Shelton wrote the song about his older brother who was killed in a car accident when he was a teenager. He credits Lambert with being the only right person to help write and sing the song. Even more, Miranda's love for animals resulted in the creation of her MuttNation Foundation, which she just raised over $400M as it strives to reunite families with the pets they lost as a result of Oklahoma's life-threatening storms.

Baby Blambs?

As a plus, Blambert, who have yet to christen the world with what would likely be the most approachable, adorable, talented celebrity babies one could imagine, are rarely making tabloid headlines with nonsense and distractions. When rumors attempt to surface about divorce, pregnancy and infidelity, Shelton and Lambert take to social media with a sense of humor. Even Shelton admits he finds honor in making the gossip columns when it happens, and hopes it somehow encourages readers to pick up his latest album. The couple admittedly operates on open communication and full honesty policy, and each have access to each other's belongings at all times. Pretty awesome for a hot power couple that celebrated their engagement over Bacardi and Diet Sprites... in red solo cups.  


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